About PayFac Partners

We Are Transforming The Industry

Our story begins 20 years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota where we started Paradigm Merchant Services. The goal of our company was to offer competitive payment processing to small businesses across the nation.

However, as we realized a growing need for flexibility in how transactions are processed, we knew we could help our customers even more as a payment facilitator, or PayFac.

And after a few years of careful development (and lots of tweaks in between), we finally have a robust, highly flexible solution that’s perfect for any business who needs to process a transaction! 

While payment facilitation is extremely powerful for businesses who want a custom payment solution, the road to PayFac is a difficult one. With that being said, PayFac Partners aims to provide an all-around improvement in how your business is paid without requiring you to become certified as a PayFac yourself.

Unfortunately, many organizations are being phased out of the payments industry by modern processes & technology.

We make it possible for you to keep up by delivering a turnkey solution that speeds you up without ever slowing you down!

PayFac Partner Industries

Improving Payments To Businesses


Stand out from the competition with streamlined merchant onboarding & extensive PayFac technology


Consolidate franchisee processing, payout management and performance reporting with a single solution

Cash Advance

Automate payments from borrowers while offering a full merchant services solution to your customers


Offer your customers the ability to accept credit, debit and ACH transactions on your app, plug-in or web service