PayFac Partners

SaaS & Web Hosting

API-based payment facilitation for SaaS & web hosting.

Web service industries are highly competitive. Many companies now create their own technology to set themselves apart as a result.

Unfortunately, many SaaS or web hosting companies cannot integrate their products with payment processors, meaning payment technology is eliminated from feature sets altogether.  

We allow you and your customers to take payments on a website, in-app, via SMS/email, or any where else your product could allow a transaction to be made…the possibilities are endless! 

From ideation to implementation, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Let us show you how you can take more control of the future of your business!

Many payment processors don't support direct integrations, limiting the features you can develop.

With PayFac Partners, the possibilities are truly endless. Just imagine it and we'll make it a reality!

PayFac Partnership Benefits

Instant Boarding

Simple online application portal for your customers with automated risk & approval parameters 

Risk Engine

Lean on our built-in risk mitigation system to offer safer advances to more of your ideal customers

Quick Funding

Stand out from your competition by giving client businesses the option of same-day or instant funding

Customer Care Dashboard

Approve/onboard new customers, manage documents and payments, all from a single dashboard


Gain valuable insight into your customers’ businesses with a full sales analytics dashboard

Value Added

Offer customers an all-in-one solution for payments & marketing – tools necessary for long-term growth

SaaS Integration

Accept credit, debit and ACH transactions on apps, plug-ins and other web-hosted services

CRM Integrations

Our system can integrate with virtually any CRM out there – inquire below to request an integration

Payment Facilitation for SaaS & Web Hosting

How It Works


Speak with our team to discover payment-related needs for your service & build a roadmap for payment facilitation integration.


Depending on your technical requirements, our team of developers can provide assistance to get you fully integrated. 

Onboard & Process

Any business who accepts payments with your technology will be onboarded through our online portal.