PayFac Partners


Simple deployment & reporting for franchise owners.

Becoming a payment facilitator is a way for businesses to control the process of payments without a “middleman”. 

As such, payment facilitation is the path for franchisors to make the offering of franchises easier and more prosperous. As a PayFac Partner, you’ll have the ability to board accounts and collect data from them – all on your own terms. 

You’ll also be able to automatically deduct royalties from franchisee batches, making PayFac Partners a completely end-to-end solution for franchisors. 

Franchisors are always looking for ways to improve their models.

Payment facilitation allows you to do so with custom or third-party integrations - loyalty, online ordering, mobile payments & more.

PayFac Partnership Benefits

Instant Boarding

Simple online application portal for your customers with automated risk & approval parameters 

Risk Engine

Lean on our built-in risk mitigation system to offer safer advances to more of your ideal customers

Quick Funding

Stand out from your competition by giving client businesses the option of same-day or instant funding

Customer Care Dashboard

Approve/onboard new customers, manage documents and payments, all from a single dashboard


Gain valuable insight into your customers’ businesses with a full sales analytics dashboard

Value Added

Offer customers an all-in-one solution for payments & marketing – tools necessary for long-term growth

SaaS Integration

Accept credit, debit and ACH transactions on apps, plug-ins and other web-hosted services

CRM Integrations

Our system can integrate with virtually any CRM out there – inquire below to request an integration

Payment Facilitation for Franchises

How It Works


Franchisees fill out an application through a white-labeled online portal provided by PayFac Partners.


Once approved, PayFac Partners sends new point of sale devices to franchisees or connects accounts to existing equipment. 


Royalties are automatically deducted from franchisee batches. All transactions are reported to your personal dashboard.